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How to stitch the container

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In the case that the container bag market is still not popular, the price of the container bag is still very high, so there are many users with corresponding conditions to start making their own bags, but we will encounter the set when we are making. The problem of stitching the bag, the following is a small series for you to introduce it!

The shape of the chain of the package bag suture, single or double, the tightness of the sleeve can be disassembled from one end. Stitching and splicing method, the splicing method has curling, folding, wrapping, lapping and the like. These include the width of the hem, the width of the hem, the width and method of the hem, the amount and method of the lap, the distance to the bottom of the stitch, and so on. When stitching. The stitches should be flat, and the defects such as the sleeve, the jumper, the needle, and the unsewed seam should not be lost. The stitch length should be uniform and should not be too large or too small. And after the stitching, the thread breakage should be more than 50mm, to prevent the chain stitch from being tripped.

In the production of ton bag container bags, the selection of slings is essential. The sling must meet the weaving density requirements. Tonnage bag container bag When making a sling, you can use two-ring or four-ring to increase the tensile strength. To ensure the strength of the base fabric, the ton bag container must increase the tensile strength of the flat yarn. In the actual production and processing process, the container bag needs to strictly control the amount of the filler masterbatch, which is generally about 2%. If the masterbatch is added too much, or if the recycled material is added, the strength of the base fabric will be lowered. In order to improve the anti-aging ability of the plastic ton bag container under sunlight, a certain amount of anti-purple agent and stabilizer should be added in the flat wire drawing process. The amount of addition is determined according to the length of use of the ton bag container (six months or one year).