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Container bags have those advantages and types

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A container bag is a large-volume flexible packaging container made of a soft, collapsible coated cloth, a resin-treated cloth, an interwoven fabric, and other flexible materials. It is mainly used to package powdery materials such as grains, beans, dry goods, mineral sands, and chemical products.

(1) Advantages of container bag packaging

Container bag is a new type of packaging container. Although it is not long, it has developed rapidly. It has the following advantages:

1 can greatly improve the loading and unloading efficiency. Its large capacity, fast loading and unloading, more than ten times more effective than conventional paper bag packaging.

2 convenient transportation. There is a special lifting ring on the container bag, which is convenient for lifting equipment, loading and unloading.

3 takes up less space. The empty bag can be folded, the volume is small, and the full bag capacity is large, which saves space compared to the small bag packaging.

4 long life, can be used multiple times. The container bag is made of a high-strength material that is durable and can be recycled.

5 can effectively protect the product. The container bag material is rain-proof and impervious to water. It can also be protected from moisture when placed outdoors.

6 packaging range is large. As long as it is a powdery product, the container bag can be packed almost.

(2) Types of container bags

Container bags can be roughly classified as follows:

1 According to the shape of the bag: mainly cylindrical and square.

2 According to the bag making materials: mainly include coated cloth, resin processing cloth, interwoven cloth, composite materials and other container bags.

3 According to the discharge port: it can be divided into two types: discharge port and non-discharge port container.

4 According to the number of times of use: can be divided into one-time use and multiple use of the container bag.

5 According to the loading and unloading method: there are mainly top lifting, bottom lifting, side lifting, forklift type, tray type and so on.

6 According to the bag making method: it can be divided into two types: adhesive-bonded and sewed container bags.