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Container bag usability and sealing

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The container bag is made of a polyolefin resin through a wire drawing weaving process, and then cut into a cylindrical or sheet-like substrate of a different size after being coated, and then the substrate is sewn into a round or square bag according to design requirements. Product.

Let me introduce the use and sealing of the container:

1. The use of container bags

When designing the container bag, it is necessary to fully consider the specific methods and methods used by the customer to use the container bag, such as lifting, transportation, loading material performance, etc. In addition, it is necessary to consider whether it is food packaging, and it is considered to be non-toxic and harmless to the packaged food.

2, the sealing of the container bag

Different packaging materials, different sealing requirements. For example, powder or toxic materials, and materials that are afraid of being contaminated have strict requirements on sealing performance, and materials that are prone to moisture or mildew have special requirements for airtightness. Therefore, when designing the container bag, pay attention to the influence of the base film coating process and the sewing process on the sealing property.